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Fentress Global Challenge (FGC) is an annual international student design competition launched in 2011 by Curtis Fentress. Over the years, it has attracted a remarkable array of submissions, with student teams from over 160 countries contributing over a thousand entries.

Distant future rendering of city


 Top Designs from Airport of the Future Competition 

1ST PLACE Carmina Ferreras and Oluwarotimi Osiberu
1ST PLACE The Green Gateway Nikhil Bang and Kaushal Tatiya, Southern  California Institute of Architecture - A Green Gateway
1ST PLACE Infinity Airport, Daoru Wang, North Carolina State University


1st Carmina Ferreras and Oluwarotimi Osiberu

2nd Liyang Wang

3rd Tan Gee Yang

Peoples Choice Assem Attia


1st Nikhil Bang and Kaushal Tatiya

2nd Dušan Sekulic

3rd Yuanxiang Chan, Chaofan Zhang, and Zhuangzhuang King

Peoples Choice Yi Yang Chai and Sharon Cho


1st Daoru Wang

2nd Samantha Pires

3rd Christopher Johnson

Peoples Choice Riki Rozenberg, Evelyn Kreslavsky, Mai Whiteson

Peoples Choice Chai Yi Yang and Ng Yi Ming

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